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Rule Engine

The Rules Engine allows you to create a set of rules and conditions when you import data from an ArcGIS map server. FieldTwin will then auto-create your field layout including 3D assets using your set of import rules. You can also import and export your rule set to use it for multiple projects.

Initially the software has support for ArcGIS imports, but other data sources to be added in later releases. This allows you to map and match imported data to FieldTwin data objects & attributes. A typical use case could be to auto create brownfield assets or connections for tie in, slot in considerations etc.

How to use it?

1 - Select ‘import’ and then ‘Data from ArcGis using rules’

2 - Configure your ArcGis server as usual and press next until the rule set screen

Alt text

3 - Start adding your rules and actions

4 - Press next and your field will be auto created

Alt text


Create “Rule” such as IF geometry = “line” and attribute = “oil”

Add “Action” such as create connection of type = “oil production”

Add “Action” such as attribute = “inner_diameter” = “futureon.connection.innerDiameter

Alt text

A video explaining this functionality is also available: