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End of Life Policy

FieldTwin, which is a cloud based PaaS Open Energy Platform powered by the FT API with a series of SaaS applications on top uses the following product life cycle policy:

Version Releases

FutureOn typically issue up to 2 major releases and several minor maintenance releases in a single year ensuring constant evolution of our product portfolio. The roadmap is updated and published quarterly. Every version released has a set of release notes with browser requirements. These are provided 2 weeks in advance of any release. Customer always selects service window for any upgrade to take place. All FieldTwin data is stored in JSON format, which is both machine and human readable allowing for easy migration. FutureOn data is always backwards compatible for FutureOn products to support long lifecycle management.

End of Life

FutureOn follows a two (2) version cycle gap for maintenance and support meaning that the following SaaS products are supported and maintained per the table below:

  • FieldTwin Design, Admin, WorkFlow, and Collaborate

FT PaaS and SaaS

FT Version Release Date Feature Development Maintenance EOL
7.1 May 2023 YES YES NO
7.0 January 2023 NO YES NO
6.5 October 2022 NO NO YES

FieldTwin API

As part of the upcoming 7.2 release the FieldTwin API has been completely refactored, but the changes are all internal and thus the existing version 1.9 of the API will stay current. All endpoints are the same.

Future releases will add new endpoints to expose the new backend capabilities and will at that time introduce the FieldTwin API version 2.0.

API Version Development Maintenance EOL
1.8 and below NO NO YES