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This is where you will find all available online documentation for everything FieldTwin related such as FieldTwin Applications, Integrations, and Developer APIs.


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FutureOn’s FieldTwin Design is a powerful yet easy-to-use design and visualisation tool that can quickly and efficiently bring subsea developments to life. Do not let the clean interface or intuitive design fool you into thinking it cannot handle the most complex problems. With the ability to import bathymetry data, well trajectories, reservoir data, pipeline, SURF, and other equipment data, FT Design brings together engineering teams to design subsea projects with significant cost and time savings.

FieldTwin Design

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All administrative and configuration settings for any FieldTwin Platform application can now be found in FieldTwin Admin. Your administrators now have easy access and complete control over all projects, project settings, users, user roles/rights, and all data. The application has an improved UI for managing complex Metadata attributes, and groups.

FieldTwin Admin

View the online FieldTwin Admin Documentation

FieldTwin Collaborate is an optional application that is part of the FieldTwin Enterprise Suite that allows for true collaborative visual workflows between multiple stakeholders. This means that Operators and EPCs work on the same shared data model while ensuring secure granular access and control of users and data for all parties. This allows you to get open Communication and Engagement, quick adaptability to project scope changes and enhanced methods to problem solve complex industry challenges as they appear.

FieldTwin Collaborate

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This is the FieldTwin Apps and Integrations documentation center where you will find online documentation for all official FieldTwin pre-enginering applications such as Span Estimation, Wall Thickness Estimator, SLB Olga Integration, Crossing Detection etc. You will also find documentation for offcial 3rd party integrations from our technology partners.

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FutureOn from its inception has always had an API FIRST approach as FieldTwin is an open Data Driven Design Platform. FieldTwin allows you to quickly build a complete network topology of your field with Metadata to describe it. Then you can apply your Simulations, Calculations, and/or Analytics workloads as Cloud/Micro Services using our powerful REST API for M2M communication. You have full programmatic control through the REST API for the entire technology stack for integration and communication purposes.

View the online FieldTwin API Documentation

Please visit the FieldTwin Developer Portal to find information and sample code on how to developer Integrations for the FieldTWin Platform or on how to use the FieldTwin API.

View the online FieldTwin Developer Portal

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FieldTwin FAQ

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About FutureOn

Energy security and pursuit of Net Zero compliance are the two largest challenges confronting Integrated Energy Companies (IECs), together with our industrial owners, further enhancing our capabilities in this domain is a key strategy for FutureOn. For the future of energy, including conventional and hybrid energy sources, FieldTwin, in collaboration with our partners and owners, addresses these two key industry objectives through advanced collaboration tools. These tools facilitate accurate real-time data sharing and effective decision-making between operators, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) teams, and other stakeholders.

FutureOn, backed by our industrial owners, is committed to providing cutting-edge SaaS/PaaS technology that empowers IECs to develop and deliver hybrid solutions, along with disruptive innovations for creating purely sustainable future energy solutions. One of the unique strengths of FieldTwin lies in its ability to offer innovative connectors and seamless integrations with traditional energy software, wind and current data platforms, as well as essential metadata. This integration enables the creation of detailed wind models that can effectively complement existing, well-established conventional carbon models.

With industrial owners in place as a driving force behind FutureOn, the company is positioned to drive transformation in the energy sector, bridging the gap between conventional energy practices and the growing demand for environmentally-conscious solutions. Through this collaboration, FutureOn and Kongsberg Digital AS contribute to the evolution of the energy landscape, supporting IECs in overcoming challenges and propelling them toward a sustainable, Net Zero future.

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We are headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices in UK, USA, France, Australia, Brazil, and Dubai. We make visual software and digital solutions to this industry. Our first product, Field Activity Planner, had been under development over a period of 2.5 years before we spun off and launched Xvision Software AS as an independent venture in the summer of 2016. Xvision Software rebranded as FutureOn in 2018.

Our core team and co-founders are all experienced entrepreneurs and senior professionals within visual design, software development, and Oil and Gas domain experts.

Learn more at

FutureOn AS Universitetsgata 2 N-0164 OSLO NORWAY

Org.No 916 735 472

FieldTwin Roadmap

Please see our Roadmap for an overview of the upcoming product releases for the FieldTwin platform.

End Of Life Policy

Please see our End Of Life Policy for information on the official FieldTwin version update, maintenance, and deprecation lifecycle.